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Hi! I'm Shelby, i'm a nineteen year old illustration student. my hobbies include watching tv, reading and also crying about comics, movies, baking and sleeping in. my best friend is a big fat white cat named sugar who likes to cover everything with hair and invade my space. I also co-run storysettings, autumnnightswinterplights, and floriographing.

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Pretty sure this is illegal

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wake up america 

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Are you up? Good, then you can watch BUB MEET TIGERS

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-gotg tomorrow

-def getting myself a pretzel at the theater

-my modcloth order comes tomorrow 

-new episodes of the killing go up on netflix at midnight tomorrow 

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reblog if you are nothing but a conceptual web art piece 

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be nice to people because the world is a shitty place and we all need a little help sometimes

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if youre feelin baby blue lonely today hey look at this picture of a tiny snail kissing mothership snail  image


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I am a fucking delight, I whisper to no one as I put something witty in the tags.

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alphabet soup more like times new ramen am i right

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Theme music. I need theme music.

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I think about pokemon in non-battle situations a lot. Like pokemon who have been trained/raised to be helpers and assistants than to be battle partners.

Pokemon visiting hospitals to cheer patients up like dogs and cats do. Or ones that help kids learn to read, speak, swim, go through therapy?! Even pokemon who’s abilities help owners with specific disabilities?!

I love thinking of pokemon outside of battle situations.

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friendly reminder that pizza is more important than boys